Our Products

We specialise in all areas of crown and bridge work. Have a look at our list. 

  • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM)
  • Gold crowns
  • IPS e.max
  • LAVA
  • Procera
  • Veneers
  • Marryland bridges
  • Implants (Strauman and Nobel Biocare)
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Precision attachment bridges
  • Post and core

If theres something you cant find, please contact us and ask for it.

Our dental clinic in Dunedin

Case Individuality

We understand and recognise the concept that not every case is the same. Thats why we offer anytime access around the clock for individual case discussion. Thats the beauty of selecting New Zealand made. Success rates are markedly improved and you spend far less time returning work that is not at all what you were expecting. There should be no barrier towards discussing any case, and any concerns can be adressed with us on the phone or via email.

Our dental clinic in Dunedin

Quality and Integrity

What sets us apart from other labs out there is the extent we go towards when it comes to warranting our work. Infact we are so confident by our quality and workmanship, that we warrant all our work for 6 years. LAVA framework zirconia we warrant for 15 years. Such confidence is achieved by sourcing only quality ADA approved materials, and by utilising accurate microscopy in every step of the fabrication process. Note that we do not charge for adjustments or remakes. Shade taking is also an option to consider if your practice is local as we have access to the state of the art VITA easy shade. 

Our dental clinic in Dunedin


We deliver nationwide free of charge regardless of where you are in New Zealand. If its reachable by courier, we deliver. If your practice is local, we also do free pickup and do free delivery. Every case is monitered and if work is held up, we will contact you well before the due date to avoid both your disappointment and the patients disappointment.